SABOA Conference & Exhibition 4 & 5 March 2015 1. a Driver Training Academy for the bus industry. Ms C Gauche Download  >> here 2. National Treasury View of Funding Future Public Transport. Ms U Rwida Download  >> here 3. Aon - A du Sart. Download  >> here 4. BBBEE Sector scorecard presentation to SABOA Mr D Malherbe. PUTCO Download  >> here 5. Bus Driver Risk Management Lessons from the UK. Mr J Vallint Download  >> here 6. CEO Forum - Issues Affecting the Bus Industry. Mr Thys Heyns. Putco Download  >> here 7. Road Traffic Amendment and draft gazettes. Alta Swanepoel Download  >> here 8. Fuel Availability and Price Forecast Rev 3 over next 20 Yrs. Mr N McHardy. Engen Download  >> here 9. Operational Readiness of the National Public Transport Regulator. Ms N Mtshwene Download  >> here 10. National Land Transport Amendment Bill. H Patel Download  >> here 11. Audio Presentation - Compliance Monitoring of B BBEE Sector Charges Mr R Howard Transport B BBEE Charter Council (YouTube duration of presentation - 37 min 30 seconds) View  >> here 12. Audio Presentation - N McHardy – ENGEN: Availability and Price Trends of Fuel Over the Next 20 Years and Ms L Seftel Lessons learnt in BRT Neg. (YouTube duration of presentation - 1 Hour 26 minutes) View  >> here 13. Audio Presentation - Aligned Bus and Coach Sector BEE Charter. Mr D Malherbe Putco (YouTube duration of presentation - 45 min 19 seconds) View  >> here 14. A Funders Perspective of the Bus Industry. Kathy Bell Download  >> here 15. Conventional bus services and Bus Rapid Transit. Philip van Ryneveld Download  >> here 16. GT presentation Transformation in Bus Industry. Mr PSobekwa gt DOT Download  >> here 17. KZN presentation Transformation in Bus Industry. Adv Chamane kzn DOT Download  >> here 18. Online Maintenance System. Mr R Overton Download  >> here 19. Overview of Development in Bus and Coach Industry. Prof J Walters Download  >> here 20. The People in the Transport Equation. Pauline Froschauer Download  >> here 21. WC presentation Transformation in Bus Industry. G Martin wc DOT Download  >> here
SABOA - Southern African Bus Operators Association