SABOA Conference & Exhibition 24 & 25 May 2017 1. Keynote address: Overview of the SA Econopy & Expectations for 2017 Mr. M Schussler, Economist.co.za Download  >> here 2. DOT’S Turnaround Strategy for Public Transport Mr. Manamela, Dept. of Transport Download  >> here 3. IPTN, Progress at Municipalities Mr. I Seedat, Dept. of Transport  Listen to audio presentation on YouTube 4. SABOA Annual Report & Industry Review Prof. J Walters, University of Johannesburg Download  >> here 5. Options to reduce the Cost of Public Transport Constracting Prof. J Walters, University of Johannesburg Download  >> here 6. Operational Readiness & Overview of the Points Demerit System Mr. J Chuwe, Road Traffic Infringement Agency  Download  >> here 7. Overview of the Draft B-BBEEE Bus & Coach Sector Charter & Announced Amendments Ms K Selokane, Kgoselo Empowerment (Pty) LTD Download  >> here 8. Initiatives to Improve Road Safety in SA Adv. M Msibi, Road Traffic Management Corporation Download  >> here 9. Process Followed by the Western Cape pre to Convert Permits to Operating Licenses Ms B Macmahon, Western Cape pre Download  >> here 10. Review of the White Paper on National Transport Policy Mr. T Tenza, Dept. of Transport Download  >> here 11. RTMS, A Key Component to Measure, Mitigate, Monitor and Manage Operational Risk Ms K Bell, RTMS Steering Committee Member Download  >> here 12. Department of Small Business Development, SMME Empowerment Initiatives Mr. M Masoga Download  >> here 13. Eastern Cape Department of Transport, SMME Empowerment Initiatives Mr. R A De Vries Download  >> here 14. Department of Tourism, SMME Empowerment Initiatives Ms M Ramphele Download  >> here 15. Small Enterprise Development Agency, SMME Empowerment Initiatives MR C Leshou Download  >> here 16. Transport Education & Training Authority, SMME Empowerment Initiatives  Ms N Sejake Download  >> here 17. Gauteng Department of Roads & Public Transport, SMME Empowerment Initiatives   Mr. R Mkhatshwa   Download  >> here 18. The Dynamically Changing Tourism Kandscape: Posing New Challenges & Opportunities for the Coach Industry Prof. E Heath Download  >> here 19. Considerations to Regulate Cross-Border Market Access Mr. P Meyer, Cross-Border Road Transport Agency Download  >> here 20. Tourism Policy Review Ms S Ngidi, Dept. of Tourism Download  >> here 21. Law Enforcement Initiatives to Address Intermodal Conflict Maj. Gen. E M Motlhala Download  >> here
SABOA - Southern African Bus Operators Association