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Advice on how to start a bus operation
Access to an info and reference centre
Advice on permit issues
SMME members - how to form larger units
SABOA insurance scheme
Training and bursaries


SABOA has become known and respected as the voice of the bus industry in South Africa and represents its members at national, provincial and local government level, fulfills a watchdog function regarding policy and legislation, facilitates training for its SMME members, advises its members on transport-related matters, disseminates information to members and negotiates benefits for its members. SABOA was formed in 1980 by the five leading bus companies operating at the time. Since then, SABOA has gone through a four-phase transformation that has resulted in its representation today of about 70 per cent of the public transport bus fleet. This SABOA website aims to give an in-depth look into the role that SABOA plays in the bus industry in South Africa.