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Training Since its inception in 1980, SABOA has been actively involved in establishing and promoting training in the industry. These initiatives saw it working in close partnership with the University of Johannesburg to introduce training programs tailored to meet the needs of the industry. The three-year Diploma in Road Transport (with an endorsement for passenger transport) has been very successful in training and empowering thousands of bus company employees since the inception of the qualification in 1980. Many SMME operators have also benefited over several years through the SABOA bursary scheme that has enabled them to enrol for these programs. SABOA is also involved with the Transport Education and Training Authority (TETA) in the establishment of learnerships in the industry as well as to offer specialised training for SMMEs in various fields to ensure they are better equipped to become part of the mainstream of public transport. The SMME training focuses on important issues such as costing and budgeting, vehicle maintenance, compiling a business plan, basic business principles and new venture creation. Since the inception of these training programs in 2003 more than 1 000 employees of SMME operators throughout the country have benefited from this SABOA training initiatives. The cost of the training programs is entirely funded from TETA grants.

The following programs have been successfully offered to SMME operators by

the TETA accredited service Provider, LearnCorp:

Skills program for SMME’s

An extended skills program for SMME’s

Skills program for school bus operators

Learnership in Road Transport Management in conjunction with

         University of Johannesburg

New venture creation program

Driver training

Advanced scheduling skills program

RPL National Certificate in Professional Driving (learnership)

FET Certificate in road Transport Supervision (learnership)


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